Benefits of registering a Bulgarian company

Benefits of registering a Bulgarian company

Bulgaria is often chosen as a main place of business for internationally oriented companies. Bulgaria is part of European Union, offers well skilled and educated workforce and the lowest labor costs in Europe. If you want to do business in Europe, in this article we will show you that Bulgaria is your best perspective choice. We advice you to register a company in Bulgaria with Business Compass!


Register company in Bulgaria with ease for 2/3 working days

Registering Bulgarian company is fast and easy process. How is that?

  • Any foreigner can register a company in Bulgaria on equal terms with Bulgarian citizens. There are no different or additional taxes for foreigners.
  • The company registration can be done from other country without the necessity to be in Bulgaria physically. The registration process can be managed by power of attorney.
  • You can register your company anywhere in Bulgaria and the administrative address may differ from the registered office.
  • The law in Bulgaria does not require a minimum number of people employed in one company. Your company may have only one owner and the owner can be a foreigner.

What are the main benefits?

Bulgaria offers the best administrative terms for registering a company. You can register EOOD (if you run business by yourself) or OOD (if your business is with shareholders) company. In Bulgaria you will benefit with:

Lowest setup fees within the EU

  • lowest required founding capital – 1 € (2 leva);
  • lowest tax on Corporate and Personal Income – 10 % flat rate;
  • lowest tax on Dividends in the EU – 5% only;
  • VAT within the EU – 0%;
  • Lowest social security contributors in the EU;

No double taxes

Bulgaria has signed agreements with 70+ countries for avoidance of double taxation. You will pay company taxes in a single country, if you come from UK, Turkey, Russia, etc. (You can check if your country has a contract on the site of National Revenue Agency in Bulgaria.)

No financial obligations

The registration of a company doesn’t lead automatically to running costs. If a company has been registered but doesn’t operate, it does not have any financial obligations.

Affordable accounting services

Accounting services costs are not high in Bulgaria. Generally companies choose to use services of an accountant once per year.

Building in a hand businessmen
Building in a hand businessmen

Additional benefits

Setting up a company in Bulgaria is one of the most common grounds to obtain a Certificate of Long-term residence and Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals.

Moreover, having a Bulgarian company gives rights to buy land in Bulgaria. Foreign individuals are not allowed to acquire and possess land in Bulgaria, but the interdict does not apply to companies, registered in Bulgaria.

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Form a company in Bulgaria

Form a company in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is chosen often as a main place of business for internationally orientated companies and businesses wanting to do business in Europe. Starting a business is Bulgaria has many advantages, for example: the location – Bulgaria is positioned in southwestern Europe and the east border is Black Sea. Moreover, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, NATO and Council of Europe.

In this article we will mark the advantages of forming a company in Bulgaria.The key advantage in starting a business in Bulgaria is the possibility of using an attorney or company formation services to open the company and it is not necessary to be present in Bulgaria when registering the company. The process usually takes from a few days to two weeks maximum.

Running business in Bulgaria advantages


  • Simplified registration process


There is a symbolical minimum required capital of 1 Euro and the registration process is not complex, but easy to fulfill.  Moreover there are no running costs for the company if there are no active processes in it.


  • Lowest taxes in Europe


Corporation tax: 10% (the average corporation tax rate in Europe is 25%).

Personal income tax: 10% (the average personal income tax rate in Europe is 40%).

Dividend tax: 5% (0% when the European parent/subsidiary directive applies).


  • Qualified employees


Moreover, Bulgaria has a well skilled and educated workforce. Most people have a higher education and the labour costs are significantly lower than the average in Western Europe. The country has a very low minimum wage, as well as low social insurance costs.

Bulgaria has different universities in the main bigger towns – Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, etc. These universities offer a wide range of qualified employees in key business directions – computer technologies, math, finance, economics, etc.


  • Promotion for investments in certain sectors


In Bulgaria there are priority sectors and professional fields, for example: manufacturing, computer technologies, research and development, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, automotive part manufacturing and chemical industry. If you plan to start a business in one of these sectors you may get benefits.


  • Accounting records


Low costs for accounting services. Usually companies choose to use services of an accountant once per year, action permitted by the Bulgarian law.


  • Affordable real estate


Prices for renting or buying a real estate in Bulgaria for business purposes are the lowest in Europe. Low costs for office building means more money for other constructive business activities.

To conclude, we have to say that the government welcomes foreign companies, investors and projects that can stimulate the Bulgarian economy. That is why Bulgaria is the 4th fastest growing economy of the EU.